International and other cooperation

The Central Registry is an active member of all relevant international associations of business registers, as follows:

These organizations provide a platform for exchanging experiences, applying innovative methods and solutions to operations, as well as access to statistics and reports on the work of related institutions around the world.

At the General Assembly of the Forum of Corporate Registers in April, 2019, the director of the Central Registry was also elected as a member of the Executive Board of this organization for a two-year mandate. In addition, the Central Registry with its members actively participates in the working groups of the European Association of Business Registers, such as: the working group on legislation in the field of commercial law, the working group on registers for real owners (end owners), and the working group for drafting the International business registry report.

The Central Registry was the host of the annual conference of the Forum of Corporate Registers in 2019 and the annual conference of the European Association in 2012.