"A successfully completed project without thural systematic monitoring and management and without taking into account the optimal use of resources, it is not possible and it is a pure coincidence" is the position of the members of the designated Project Coordinating Body, which is responsible for decisions and general guidelines in project management from the institution's Project rich  Portfolio.

All projects are a consequence of the consistent strategic management and they are derived from the long-term strategies that guide the development and positioning of the institution in the long run. Care is taken to ensure that project management is a structured process and implemented appropriately through all phases of the project life cycle from initiation and planning, to implementation, monitoring, control and closure, leading to efficient project management and implementation. That is the formula of ensured success.

The historical development of the Central Registry is illustrated by this "success curve":

Проекти на ЦРРСМ


The more important strategic projects that are being carried out for the benefit and promotion of business processes and customer service are presented below.

Follow us, we continue to follow the needs of the business community!

Service orientation - new registers, new services

Central Registry is a service-oriented institution and continuously monitors the needs of its customers. All new projects, upgrades to existing ones and all additional activities of the institution are aimed at meeting the needs of users.

Register of beneficial owners

The register of beneficial owners is an obligation that has arisen from the new Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, according to which CRRNM is obliged to establish and maintain this official register. This law is in fact harmonizing with the EU Money Laundering Directive (AMLD 4). The establishment of the registry will provide additional quality in terms of transparency in the domestic market, but will also be a tool in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

A common platform for starting a business

The joint platform for starting a business is a joint organizational set-up and technological integration with standardized data exchange between the Central Registry, the Public Revenue Office and the Employment Service Agency in order to meet the needs of the entities - businesses that are established.

The joint platform for starting a business represents a concept of a single electronic interface that manages the start of the entity's life cycle in a sophisticated way through an established functional system infrastructure between the affected business support institutions.

The Joint Platform's approach is an attempt to meet the needs for improving public sector services to the private sector, equalize procedures, increase efficiency and reduce costs for both the public sector (as a service provider) and the private sector (as user of the service).

The ultimate goal of the implementation of the vision for the Common Platform is to provide access to infrastructure through which business entities will be able to access a single Internet location through which they will receive all the necessary information regarding the registration of entities, employee registration, registration for VAT purposes, and in the future other necessary information.

In addition to the direct benefits to the business community, the direct impact on the Doing Business ranking.

The single point of contact for the business community

The establishment of SPC and the transformation of CRRNM into a service-oriented organization is one of the key priorities in realizing the mission and vision of CRRNM.

This project is implemented in accordance with the international initiatives and agreements for the establishment of SPC at the national level for all government electronic services, as well as for the general improvement of the business environment based on the availability of useful electronic services, which will result in:

This project refers to the complete replacement of the existing portal of CRRNM and implementation of a completely new service catalog, as well as the introduction of new services, ie. expansion of the range of publicly available services without compensation in accordance with the program of the Government of Republic of North Macedonia for open data and Open Government Partnership.


The project is developing as a new service platform for providing services from relevant business and financial databases from the entire region of the Western Balkans / Southeast Europe. The platform aims to meet the needs of the business community and investors due to the fact that in the last few years the Balkans have had a tendency for re-establishment of former economic ties with the continuous growth of trade between the countries in the region, so using data on your potential partners is essential. It also offers a variety of other services such as comparative information on sectors and activities between countries.

The project received the widest support from the region's registry institutions: Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Romania, which have expressed interest in joining at a later time. Currently, the Republic of North Macedonia, the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Albania are connected to the platform.

Strengthening of the internal processes

The Central Registry operates in accordance with international quality standards, according to which it continuously develops new and promotes existing internal regulations, part of the Document Management System (policies, directives, procedures, guidelines, etc.).

Information security and digitalization of archives

Another confirmation of a stable and functional Information Security Management System is the Archive Digitization Project, which will strengthen the security of the archive of the Commercial Register and the register of other legal entities that is spread across all regional registration offices and to which it belongs. increased physical protection is required. In addition, the electronic versions of the attachments for registration in the registry are completely updated and rescanned. A technological upgrade of the software solution was made for this project to be successfully implemented. The project activities are done due to the great importance of this material for the Central Registry but also for the State, because they are the only reliable version of documented information for legal entities in Republic of North Macedonia that serves all stakeholders.This project is a multi-year project and it is planned after its implementation, the registration templates will be taken from the registry offices and stored and protected in a single location, while the users will be served with a reliable digital version - faithful to the original.

Raising data quality

The Central Registry implements the international data security standard ISO 27001, in order to ensure full protection, security and quality in the operation of data on entities.

Centralized registration platform

Another strategic commitment is the planned project for a Centralized Registry Platform, which will contribute to the development and upgrade of external customer systems, service distribution systems, basic setup and internal interoperability, which is expected to affect the renewal of basic information infrastructure, integration and other systemic functionalities that will lead to overcoming the problems with the registration infrastructure and its full improvement.This project consists of several components that are planned to take place in phases, and contains the following modules:

Businesses operating in the region do not recognize state borders, so business registers need to take a step forward and provide a single access point to their regional databases.

The information and services available in one place can be used multiple times. Of course, the biggest benefit lies in the fact that the information comes from official registers, which are the most reliable databases.

Undoubtedly, the biggest effect with the implementation of this project would be the step forward that the public administration in the region will take with the introduction of cross-border electronic analytical tools that will support business entities in their day-to-day business decision making in the region's Single Market.

The improved access to reliable real-time information for businesses in the region will increase market confidence and competitiveness, and significantly improve cross-border trade and investment in the region of Southeast Europe.

Register of secured transactions

The implementation of the single register of secured transactions should give new improvements in quality in the approach to loans and lending, especially for small and medium enterprises. With them, under a single regime the existing registers need to be merged, leasing, fiduciary and sale should be united by retaining the right of ownership, but also simplifying the procedure for access to loans and lending.  

The project has several components:

The project for a single register of secured transactions is a multi-year project witch means the restoration of the oldest registry that leads to an outdated technological solution and the unification of several system solutions that support recording the claims from the domain of secured transactions.

The main disadvantages of the existing system, which should be removed by implementing the Register of secured transactions are:

This project will enable the improvement of the Doing Business ranking in the category of access to loans.