Free access to public information

In accordance with the Law on Free Access to Public Information, public transparency and openness in the operation of information holders is ensured and natural persons and legal entities are allowed to exercise the right to access public information freely.

Basic notions

Exception to free access to information

Holders of information may reject a request for access to information in accordance with the law if the information relates to:

  1. information that on the basis of law is classified information with an appropriate level of secrecy;
  2. personal data whose disclosure would violate the protection of personal data;
  3. information on the archival work that has been established as confidential;
  4. information of which issuance would mean violation of the confidentiality of the tax procedure;
  5. information obtained or compiled for an investigation, criminal or misdemeanor procedure for conducting an administrative and civil procedure, and the issuance of which would have harmful consequences for the course of the procedure;
  6. information concerning commercial and other economic interests, including the interests of monetary and fiscal policy and the issuance of which will have harmful consequences in the performance of the function;
  7. information from a document that is in the process of preparation and is still subject to harmonization with the holder of information, the disclosure of which would cause a misunderstanding of the content;
  8. information on environmental protection that is not available to the public for the protection of human health and the environment and
  9. information that endangers the rights of industrial or intellectual property (patent, model, sample, trademark and service mark, mark of the origin of the product).

Official for information mediation

Each information holder for mediation shall appoint one or more officials in the exercise of the right to free access to information.

Official person for mediating information with the Central Registry:

Angela Sazdova - Doneva

Telephone: +389 2 3288 187,


Address of the Central registry of the Republic of North Macedonia: K. J. Pitu No. 1, 1000, Skopje