Tariff for the amount of the fee for using the services of the Central Register of the Republic of North Macedonia (Download)

Dear users,  

A fee is charged for the services that are offered by the Central Registry, in accordance with the tariff for the application of which there is consent from the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia.

As a proof of payment, the Central Registry takes into account the PP 10 order slips for natural persons and PP 30 order slips legal entities and they must be submitted with the request for the desired  information or service. A transaction account statement is considered proof only to Budget users. The order slips PP 10 and PP 30 must be certified by a bank or if it is an electronic payment there must be a return response that the payment has been realized. The electronic payments at which it will be sent for realization, received, etc. which does not mean that the order has been successfully realized will be checked mandatorily by the accounting department of the Central Registry.

When filling in the order slip with which the payment will be made, it is obligatory to fill in the PURPOSE OF PAYMENT:

In case of electronic payment after receiving a response from the bank that the payment has been approved / realized, it is necessary to print the order slips PP 30 and put a signature on it from the manager ( the one who ordered and payed for the services).