Digital certificate admissible for CRRNM

Provide a digital certificate acceptable to CRRNM

If you have submitted an applicant for registration for authorized person in a legal entity, founder of a legal entity or some of its bodies that needs to be a signatory for the articles, you need to have a digital certificate.

In substitute for ones own signature, the system accepts exclusively qualified digital certificates that are issued by authorized publishers.

The Central Registry accepts the following qualified digital certificates:


KIBS AD Skopje Verba К1
Verba К2
Verba Pro1
Verba Pro2
Macedonian Telekom Confidentiality KS
Confidentiality KS+
Confidentiality KSN
Confidentiality KSN+

Other countries

The European Union CERTUM
GermanyDeutsche Post
SloveniaAC NLB, Nova Ljubljanska banka
FinlandPopulation Register Centre
Czech RepublicI.CA

In order to obtain the required qualified certificates, please contact the authorized publishers.

If you have a qualified certificate from an authorized publisher that is not on the list, please contact the Central Registry Technical Support Center: