Application for registering an amendment to a legal entity in the Trade Registry and the Registry of Other Legal Entities ( instructions for Registration Agent)

Note: These instructions are intended for Registration Agent. If you are NOT a Registration Agent, please follow the instructions in the  “ Amendment to a legal entity through a Registration Agent” or” Independent amendment to legal entity"( depending on the user  and the way he would like to submit)

Depending on the user and the way he would like to submit the application for different types of legal entities, this service enables the Registration agents to submit an application for registering an amendment electronically via the internet, without coming to CRRNM Offices. For electronic submission, all participants in the procedure must obtain a digital certificate. A list with all issuers of  digital certificate which is acceptable to CRRNM may be found at the following location.

Submission through a registration agent according to the law is possible only for certain types of entities and for a certain type of submission, according to the authorizations that the registration agent has.

For an overview of the possible methods of submission according to the type of entity, please go below in the section for Frequently Asked Questions to search for the answers

Registering an amendment to a legal entity  (LLC, SMLLC, Sole Proprietor, Joint -Stock Company, Associations, Foundations, etc.) in the Trade Registry and the Registry of Other Legal Entities  enables recording of the most recent official data of the entity related to the legal entity. Through further systematic exchange of data, each amendment in data in CRRNM is recorded as well as:

 If the registration implies a change of name, it is preferable to check and reserve the desired name of the entity using the "Legal entity name check and reservation" service.

 Below there is a list of changes that are subject to registration for the most common types of entities. For any additional information and the way of submitting, please choose the type of entity you are interested in.

List of changes that are subject to registration for the following types of entities: Limited Liability Company (LLC), Sole Proprietorship (SP), Joint Stock Company, The Subsidiaries of the Foreign Company and the Foreign Sole Proprietor, the Representative Offices of the foreign company


 Other types of Legal Entities

In addition to the abovementioned types of  legal entities, the Central Registry records changes for other legal entities as well:

The following templates are being used for these types of entities:

For any additional information, please look at the relevant legislation or contact the employees of the Central Registry of the Republic of North Macedonia.