Entry of data for the Beneficial Owner of the Legal Entity

Note: For one entity there may be more than one authorized applicants that have an authorization to submit an application.

If one of the applicants has been improperly logged out from the system of the Beneficial Ownership Registry (immediately closing the browser while working and etc.), the system prevents further processing of the application, i.e. does not allow another applicant to continue with the application process if the applicant who has been improperly logged out does not log in to the system again, due to protection of the entity itself. The system sends a message that the application is “locked” because another applicant is working on it. In cases where the applicant who has been improperly logged out from the system and his authorization has been revoked,  it is necessary the other applicant who is authorized to submit an application for the entity to  contact the Central Registry at the following e-mail address RVS@crm.org.mk, in order to enable further work and submission of the application.

Legal entities shall be responsible for the accuracy, adequacy and up to date of the data entered in the registry.  Beneficial Owners data are recorded only for legal entities for which there is a legal obligation to report the beneficiary owner:
• Independently, by the person authorized to represent the legal entity, or 
• by other person authorized by the legal entity to submit an application in the Registry.