Amendment ( including deletion) of direct investment - for residents abroad

The service for amendment in the Registry of Direct Investments in case of a resident who has invested abroad is a change of the data for the previously entered resident or the foreign entity in which the investment is made, as well as data on the amount of the written investment. In certain cases, the change of the investment may be its complete deletion from the registry. 

Subject to change may be the following data:

The amendment can be made electronically via the Internet, or directly in the appropriate offices of CRRNM.

If the investment is registered for the first time, access the service Registration of Direct Investments - residents abroad. A certain investment can also mean the need for two or more entries of different types (entry of a new investment or change for an existing investment) if part of the already registered investment is transferred to a new investor.

Direct investment is a type of capital transaction in the form of:

Direct investments shall denote investments with which the investor intends to establish a lasting economic relation and/or exercise the right to run the trade company or any other legal entity in which he/she is making an investment.

The type of occurrence and the manner of realization of the direct investment may be in: