Registration in direct investment of non residents in the Republic of North Macedonia

The registration of a new investment means the occurrence of an investment with investments of residents abroad, or non-residents in domestic entities. Investments that involve a reduction or increase in an existing investment are NOT listed as new investments, but as changes in an existing investment. For such a case, review the "Amendment and deletion of direct investment" service.

 A certain investment can also mean the need for two or more entries of different types (registration of a new investment or change of an existing investment) if part of the already registered investment is transferred to a new investor.

 The registration can be done electronically via the Internet or directly in the respective offices of CRRNM.

Direct investment is a type of capital transaction in the form of:

Direct investments shall denote investments with which the investor intends to establish a lasting economic relation and/or exercise the right to run the trade company or any other legal entity in which he/she is making an investment. 

The type of occurrence and the manner of realization of the direct investment may be in: