Deletion od the lease right over movable and immovable objects

 The procedure for deletion of the lease right in the Registry of Leasing is a way of deletion of the lease right over movable and immovable objects. Deletion of a lease is made on a basis of a request for deletion of a lease issued by the lessor( verified by a notary).

The Lessor is responsible for submitting the application for registration, amendment or deletion of a lease in the Registry of Leasing. Additionally, the lessor and the lessee have the opportunity to authorize the notary  for the procedure to carry out the registration.

Note: If you are Notary or Lessor, please look at the following instructions in the service" Deletion of a Lease ( instructions for Notary and Lessor)". If you would like to obtain information from the Registry of Leasing, please go below to the “Related services ”section in the data of this service and choose the appropriate type of information.