Submission of Consolidated Annual Account in electronic form

Submission of consolidated annual account of trade companies, banks, insurance companies is performed according to the Law on Trade Companies.

Trade Companies that have right to exercise a dominant influence in one or more companies, compile and publish a consolidated annual account and consolidated financial statements every year and are obliged to submit them to the Registry of Annual Accounts within the legally determined deadline in accordance with the legislation. The database covers the following groups of entities: non-financial sector, financial sector and insurance companies. Medium- sized and large entities submit annual accounts only electronically, while micro and small entities have the opportunity to submit a consolidated annual account in paper form.

Submission of a consolidated annual account is carried out electronically through the CRRNM systems. The submitter of the consolidated annual account may be a manager or an accountant / an authorized  accountant, who have a personal qualified digital certificate and needs to get an authorization first for submission of the consolidated annual account electronically. One of the requirements is installing an extension for digitally signing of XML documents as well as a valid digital certificate. The submission can be done through one of the following browsers:

Additional information regarding the service, the tariff as well as the required documents and prerequisites may be found in our manuals, instructions and procedures for use.

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